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Suggestion of Product Type

Suggestion of Product Type

I have to create the following product:


1. "Wedding Invitation" base product.  This will have weight, quantity, custom option, price.

2. Along with above, I want to add another product "Extra Envelopes" inside the above "Wedding Invitation" base product.  This will have weight, price, quantity selection, no custom option.  The quantity selection should not depend on "Wedding Invitation".

In simple, the second product is a separate from first and is an optional addon item.


I tried grouped, bundle product types but it is not fulfilling the purpose.  The grouped still does something but the problems with it are:

- Since the Extra Envelopes pricing is lower than Wedding Invitation, the lower price is shown in category page but it misguides customer since the lower price is for addon optional item.

- The grouped will include two simple products "Wedding Invitation" & "Extra Envelopes" but I want to sell "Extra Envelopes" as an optional addon item on top of simple product "Wedding Invitation".


Can anyone suggest what kind of product type structure to choose?  Summary of requirements:

1. One simple product "Wedding Invitation" with quantity selection.

2. Inside above to show optional addon product "Extra Envelopes" with quantity selection.


Re: Suggestion of Product Type

Hi @sharddha, you should create a new simple product and use "Customizable Options" for do what you're trying to do and not "Configurations" section. 


1. Create a simple product, fill SKU, Price and Name fields.

2. Go to Customizable Options

3. Click in Add Option

4. Name option "Extra Envelopes" and in Option Type choose Dropdown, Radio or Checkbox

5. Click in Add Value in Title give the option name, like: "+10 Extra Envelopes" in Price put the value to be added to the simple product price.

6. Repeat step 5 for each options avaible.


Hope it helps.

Re: Suggestion of Product Type

Thanks @marcoacoliveira for your input.  But this increases the base price of the product but I want the user to enter the quantity for "Extra Envelopes" and thereby the cost should be N*Price (N = quantity of extra envelopes instead of quantity of wedding invitations).


Also the custom option will not add to the weight.

Re: Suggestion of Product Type

@sharddha, in that case I don't think it's possible configure a product like this in out-of-the-box Magento... You'll need to customize by yourself or use some extension.

Re: Suggestion of Product Type

@marcoacoliveiraI thought so that this cannot be achieved out of box.  As a workaround, I can think of showing a block showing another "simple product with Quantity box and Add to Cart button" in the description of "Wedding Invitations" product.


Do you know if this can be achieved?  I think this again needs customization from my end Smiley Happy

Re: Suggestion of Product Type

@sharddha, I would say that it will be more complex task than extends the Customizable Options behavior and put the rule N*Price as result from input. And yes, you'll probably need a customization for that.

Re: Suggestion of Product Type

Hi @sharddha,


What Magento are you running, M1 or M2? From your description, I'd say that you could find some third-party extension to cover this functionality. For example, this module allows you to add customizable options for grouped products (a feature not available in default Magento).

There is similar extension for M1 as well, you can find it here.

Hope this helps!


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