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Switch to Magento or stick with custom shopping cart?

Switch to Magento or stick with custom shopping cart?

My company has a custom built shopping cart that we have been developing in house for over 10 years. We receive around 1MM sessions per month.


We have integrated with almost all of the major providers.


Google Shopping,

gift cards,

cloud based content delivery,


credit card processing,

all shipping providers,

fraud prevention api.


We have a custom built admin control panel and functionality that powers:

Content navigation,

product management,

vendor mgmt,



content/article management,

catalog mailings,

coupon codes,


Q/A (not active),

internal order processing,

product reviews,


& RMA management to name the main ones.


Management has been asking about using a platform like Magento. Would it be worth it to switch?


I feel like we have a good solution in place but the question keeps coming up.


Re: Switch to Magento or stick with custom shopping cart?

I think this is pretty biased forum to ask for such a question. We're all committed to Magento, of course we'll say that it's worth it.


That being said, it's all about budget. Think about it, how much $ has been spent to build current store? How much would it cost to build same store using Magento? Now extrapolate it to the future: new features, new problems, new technologies. I think this will give you the answer.

Tanel Raja