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Table Rate Shipping + Overnight Shipping

Table Rate Shipping + Overnight Shipping



We set up table rate shipping rates for our Magento 2 site, but now it seems we can't have the different options of overnight shipping, 2-day shipping, standard shipping, etc. We would still like to give our customers the option of express shipping though. Any ideas on how we can add that? (Today we took an order on the phone and promised overnight shipping but don't know how to add it to the backend so it is reflected on the invoice/customers order history)


Any helpful insights are appreciated! Thank you Smiley Happy 


Re: Table Rate Shipping + Overnight Shipping

Hello @AniKos

You can use our Shipping Table rates for Magento 2 to achieve what you need.

It will let you to create as many rates per shipping method as required.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Table Rate Shipping + Overnight Shipping


We have a new flexible shipping module that allows custom methods,
which has an ability to restrict methods and to create advanced rates with expressions.
You can find the demo on the module page:

Hopefully, you will find my post helpful.


Re: Table Rate Shipping + Overnight Shipping



Did you ever confirm if expedited shipping options can be added to table rates?  We are looking to do the same.  A set rate for each shipping method.  Thank you!