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UK Shipping Zones


UK Shipping Zones

Hi Guys


I'm hoping im not th e only one to have this problem and someone has a fix.


Basically, I sell 8ftx4ft 3D MDF Panels, which as a whole, shipping works ok for within the UK, I use table rates based on weight and ship only to the UK. Now i have just had 2 orders, 1 in Inverness & 1 in Aberdeen, and both orders seem to fall into a "Premium" category for shipping which suddenly doubles the price with our couriers (and we're talking from £120 for a pallet to £250 per pallett). Now ive been informed that there is 2 or 3 zones within the UK governeed by postcode. As it stands, my table rate is basically like this:


CountryRegion/StateZip/Postal CodeWeight (and above)Shipping Price


When the buyers input thie postcode, as a rule they get 3 options, Opt 1 Economy - Opt 2 Standar Pallet - Opt 3 Pickup form Store. The question is, can i make it so if I add some postcodes ranges to the table, once the user puts there postcode in the shipping estimate, it ONLY shows the correct price/option and no other option, either flat or pickup from store? I tried adding the begining of the postcode for inverness IV to the postcode column, but it wouldnt alter the shipping price on the cart when i put it in.


Cheers for any help






Re: UK Shipping Zones

Am i the only one who's ever had this problem? surely not Smiley Sad

Re: UK Shipping Zones

I've worked out the solution - I installed the Owebia Shipping 2 module (even though it doesnt list Magento 1.91) It works perfectly with a bit of heavy reading through the documentation, but it allows so many options to set your zones, weights, products and so so much more. Definitly recommend it if your looking for something a bit more advanced with your shipping.

Re: UK Shipping Zones


We have a new Advanced Shipping Rates module that allows to create custom methods, restrict them and create advanced rates with expressions. Each expression can operate with postal codes, cities or any cart attribute.

You can find the demo on the module page:
Hopefully, you will find my post helpful.