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Unit Price and Pack Price


Unit Price and Pack Price

Hi there,


I am launching a wholesale clothing website and need a bit of help doing the pricing for the items.

we sell clothes in set packs, so a product is basically a pack of garments.

a unit price, is one garment within the pack, this is the price the customer wants to see and compare with competitors.

this isnt the price that the customer pays though, because that would be buying one single garment, the customer pays for a pack.

So we have two prices, a unit price, and a pack price, but really the unit price is just for display.

We also have a pack quantity, which is pack price divided by unit price.

I need to display the unit price on product grids, but on the detail page, I would need Unit price exc. VAT and Pack Price Exc VAt on top of eachother so the customer knows what they are paying. 

I know it can be done but will need a lot of help actually implementing the code.


Thank you, hope to receive some replies




Re: Unit Price and Pack Price

This extension should be helpful with the right settings: