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Use Navigation Menu as a Filter

Use Navigation Menu as a Filter

I am setting up a store for auto parts. There are layered categories for make/model/year/engine. Then once into the final category there there is a set of categories that would be common across every selection such as engine, transmission, brakes, etc. Can I make one set of categories for the parts that can be used for each selected car? Some parts would only be for one car but other parts would be used on multiple cars and some would be common across all models.


Right now there parts categories that are duplicated under each car model. I'm looking for a better way to do this. Is there something in Magento already that would make this easier or would I have to look for an extension?


I would like to have one set of categories for the parts and have the navigation dropdown for vehicle act as a filter selection for those categories.


Re: Use Navigation Menu as a Filter

Hi @g3879064

You can take a look at these extensions, they may solve your question:

Products Parts finder (a year/make/model filter) -

Improved Layered Navigation (advanced categories and filters options) -


Hope this helps!

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