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User, who can only edit "his" products


User, who can only edit "his" products



I'm looking for a shop software, where I can set up backend users, who ONLY can add products, and edit the products he himself has added. It should be not possible for that user to see or edit other products.


Furthermore, the added or edited products has to be "released" through an admin. Freshly added products should not be displayed before releasing through an admin (or "gatekeeper" account).


Would be nice to restrict the backend user to specified categories, but that's optional!


Is this possible with Magento? Maybe with extensions?

Any help is appreciated!


Re: User, who can only edit "his" products

Hello @Sushimaster

Is seems, Advanced Permissions is a perfect match for your inquiry.

This extension will help you create an admin role and assign permissions to edit only particular products without accessing to other items, categories, reports, etc.


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Re: User, who can only edit "his" products

Exactly what I'm looking for.

Thanks for the quick response!