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a little question about Shipping Description

a little question about Shipping Description

I can't see where the Shipping Description is held in Magento that shows on a printed order or invoice.


For example:-

when my order is printed it says on the Shipping Description:

1st Class (Est. 1-2 working days).


However, when the same order is exported it says:

First Class - First Class (Est. 1-2 working days).


When I edit the Flat Rate 1 in System>Confirguration it has the exported version in there. I can't see where the printed invoice version text is being held. Anyone know?


Many thanks,



Re: a little question about Shipping Description



The shipping description, e.g. the expected delivery description for the checkout page, order view page (admin) and the order invoice, is being fetched from the respective career API request such as FedEx or UPS.

For the UPS, Under ~/vendor/magento/module-ups/Helper/Config.php around line 45, you will see a protected method getCodes, this method map the returning codes of API to the proper description.
This information is stored to Magento's local storage with the key name mage-cache-storage, open the file vendor/magento/module-checkout/view/frontend/web/js/view/cart/shipping-rates.js and find selectShippingMethod at the end of this file.
All this information is attached to Magento order later.
Shipment saving process is started from  
\Magento\Shipping\Controller\Adminhtml\Order\Shipment\Save::_saveShipment() -- trigger
and ends around