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configurable product -> simple product own options?

configurable product -> simple product own options?

Is it possible to have a configurable product with simple products that have their own options? 


I am trying to start selling porcelain and ceramics online. I would like to have one figure available in 2 forms (SFGW and Bisque) both options are the start of configuring the product. Both parent options will have the same 5 child options, where Bisque will have an additional option (upcharge) that will not apply to the SFGW option. 


I would rather not have to create 11 different simple products to accomplish this. Or have every separate product listed on the site. The option can be greyed out or unselectable unless the proper parent is selected. 


Re: configurable product -> simple product own options?

I afraid that with out of the box Magento functionality custom options will only work on the main configurable products, not on associated simple products. More precisely you can set custom optionson simple products, but they will not be visible on the configurable product page.


I guess it doesn't really work for you since you want to make the availability of these options to depend on associated simple products.


So you probably need either do custom module or accept having more simple products.


On the bright side, having separate simple products is better to track your inventory.

Alex Levashov, eCommerce consultant at Magenable
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