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configurable stock

configurable stock

I have products that can be configured for sale. It is a paddle that comes to me 53" long.


I can sell that paddle at any length less than 53" but I cant see how I can have 1 item of stock that is customisable in this way.


For example someone may want the paddle at 49". this is still the same paddle that was 53", I just cut it down. The current problem is that I have to list my stock at each interval of length so my stock levels are shown to be much higher than they are.


One last example.  I have a blue, green, white and red paddle in stock. But to list them at each available option I have to create 1 blue paddle at 48", 1 at 49", 1 at 50" ect. this then leaves me with a stock value of 12+ even though I only have 4.


Any suggestions? 


Re: configurable stock

Hi @james_prowse,


That's an interesting task you have. Your different colored paddles look like a configurable product. At the same time, you can add a custom checkout field to the checkout process so the customer will enter the length he needs (49" or whatever). 

Hope this helps!

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