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new to magento


new to magento

I am very new to both Magento and to the forum -I  have 2 questions:


1)I am wondering if i can edit a product from the category list?  it does not seem like i can - i would have thought this would be a simple thing - look up a category and then be able to drill into the individual product detail from there.


2) is there no way to do a 'gobal' edit to all products (or all products in a category)?  such as i want to make all my products taxable, but it looks like i have to go into each one to make the change - is that the only way?


thanks so much and my apologies if this is too basic a question for the forum - tried to search the forum on these and tried looking at the 'online manual' but could not find anything in either place. 


thanks again


Re: new to magento

1) No, Magento is not set up to do that. The whole line in the category list is made clickable to select/deselect the item.


A way of making managing product by category easier is to add a column to the product management grid either through creating or installing a module to do so.


2) Global edits can be done through the product management grid by the installation of a Product Mass Action module. Amasty has one such, though I'm not sure if it includes taxation as one of the mass actions.


Usually, things like this are taken care of by exporting the appropriate product fields, opening the file in a spreadsheet program, applying your changes to the exported list and then reimporting. It goes a lot faster anyway.

Re: new to magento

thanks so much!  I greatly appreciate the help!