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one database multiple websites

one database multiple websites

Hi Everyone,


This is my first question and started working over magento since 3 weeks.


I have a website where I am using a particular database and theme. this theme is actually like a admin panel for user to save/edit their data.


Now by using the same database , I want to build a public website for every user. I mean if opens then it should open up his particular data.


As per my research,  I will need to create new website or store in the admin panel but I do have following questions.


1) can I have different theme for new website ?

2) is this possible when is browsed then it open up his website . as per my understanding this can be done using url rewrite but will that not affect magento in any way ?

3) please let me know if any other way is better than creating websites or store views from admin panel.



vikas sharma