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synchronizing customers data

synchronizing customers data

Hi, I would like to know which solutions exist to permit merchants to synchronise customers data's with an CRM home made.
Actually, I have my customers in Magento and we develop a custom API to down datas every 5 minutes and one other API for newsletter opt-in.
I would like to improve our exchanges and I'm questioning about How CRM (like sugarCRM or others) do this synchronization.
Must I keep 2 database? (in Magento and in my CRM)?
Tks a lot



Re: synchronizing customers data

No ideas?

Re: synchronizing customers data

Hi ce_l,


At the momment, CRM4Ecommerce.COM are providing connectors allow synchronizing data bidirectional and completely between Magento platform 4 CRM systems include: Salesforce, ZohoCRM, SugarCRM and VtigerCRM.


So, when you use these connectors you can synchronize Magento customers, customer's addresses, guest information, visitor newsletter subscribers, products, promitions, carts, orders, invoices, shipment's items, deleted products (but still there are items in carts, orders, invoices, shipments, credit memos) and order / invoice / shipment / credit memo's comments into CRM system Leads, Accounts, Contacts, Campaigns, Products, Quotes, SalesOrders, Invoices, Assets, Events, Tasks.


So, don't be waiting for anything, let access and grad it now


Best regards and Good lucky


Philip Nguyen

Re: synchronizing customers data

You must go with the Magento to synchronize customer data

It really provides you the better platform service as compared to the other platforms  Smiley Happy

I am also dealing with the Magento to handle customer data 

Re: synchronizing customers data

Hey there,


Are you looking to specifically send the data one direction or the other? A great solution to working with data from multiple sources is to use a Business Intelligence tool that can aggregate data and allow you to query it together in one data warehouse for deeper insights.


A number of companies use Magento Analytics (aka RJMetrics) to achieve this, with prebuilt integrations and an Import API to connect to any data source you'd like using JSON formatting.


Please do let me know if you have any questions!



Eric DeLone

Eric DeLone
Sr. Account Manager & Professional Services Team Lead, Magento Business Intelligence