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using magento for mlm software

using magento for mlm software

Hello friends


The company I am working for has a business model that is similar to MLM, but not completely.  We will need to set up new store fronts for distributors, but the number of distributors will increase heavily by each day.  I am fully aware of the functionality built into the magento core that involves creating new store fronts, but how will that scale?  We could potentially have thousands of distributors that would all need there own site.  Also, with each store front, could they have a customizable back end experience depending on a number of different criteria?  Along with a customizable experience, how complex are the tracking capabilites?  For example, if distributors wanted to track how long its been since customer x has purchased, how extensive would that process be?


Obviously with an infinite budget and amount of time, we could build whatever we wanted to in magento, but how long would it take a team of developers to accomplish this?


We are deciding between an mlm software and magento, so I am just trying to see what makes the most sense.




Re: using magento for mlm software

Since you are talking about such a large scale you would be better to look at creating seperate instnaces of Magento then tieing them all into one ERP. What ERP are you currently using to fulfill your orders? 

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Re: using magento for mlm software



you can use Magento 2 and our MLM software together. 

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Re: using magento for mlm software

You can have both. We have developed on top of Magento for a full MLM business experience with a modern shopping interface for your customers. Our MLM system uses WordPress for replicated websites and continues replication through the shopping experience, distributor back office, and the corporate back office (all Magento).


We even developed a do-it-yourself compensation plan configurator.


Your system is deployed in minutes, including an instant merchant account if you need one. The corporate and team reporting, and the communication in your system is awesome.


Check out our mlm software here and pricing at


Magento rocks MLM for sure.