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  1. 为Magento线上商务网站分别提供前后端的设计,开发以及新功能测试
  2. 维护Magento网站
  3. 准备相关技术文件并且为客户在Magento电子平台上创建革新性的电子商务解决方案



  1. 2年以上网站开发以及CMS以及电子商务相关经验
  2. 熟练的编程(PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript)以及设计能力
  3. 熟悉PHP MVC 框架。熟悉Zend框架的优先考虑
  4. 了解MySQL(或者SQL)编程以及数据库设计
  5. 相关Magento经验者优先
  6. 良好的沟通技能,好学且有较好的抗压能力
  7. 基本英文写作交流能力


The Magento Developer will be in charge of :

  1. Contributing individually to designing, developing and testing new features for Magento online stores, both front-end and back-end ;
  2. Maintaining Magento websites ;
  3. Preparing technical documents and creating innovative B2C and B2B e-commerce solutions on Magento e-commerce platform for clients.


We require our Magento Developer to have the following qualifications :

  1. 2+ years experience in web development, CMS and e-commerce solutions ;
  2. Strong programming and design skills in PHP, HTML, CSS and JavaScript ;
  3. Familiar with PHP MVC frameworks. Zend framework is a plus ;
  4. Knowledge of MySQL (or other flavor of SQL) programming and database design ;
  5. Experience in Magento is a plus ;
  6. Good communication skill, willing to learn and could work under pressure ;
  7. Basics written and oral communication skills in English.

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