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inquiry of SEO in Chinese

inquiry of SEO in Chinese

I'd like to ask a question about one of Magento Enterprise Edition Admin's function in terms of SEO.
As far as I've known, Magento has a function for SEO. To be elaborated, when an administrator is uploading a product in Admin, the product title assigned by the administrator is automatically applied to the URL and it helps the SEO boosts up.
However, when uploading a product titled in Chinese (not English), it doesn't apply to the URL but just English.
Here's what I'd like to know.
1. Is there any way to make a product's title written in Chinese applied and displayed in its URL for better SEO?
2. If not, Magento has a plan to update this issue? And is there any extension solving this problem?


Thank you in advance. 

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Re: inquiry of SEO in Chinese

also looking for a solution to this problem. May I also ask you where you found a good translation pack in Chinese? I can't find it Oo Thanks Smiley Happy