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Core Technology - Magento 2

Core Technology - Magento 2
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Installing Magento 2

Need help installing and getting started with Magento 2? Ask your questions here.
2712 Posts 13 hours ago

Version Upgrades for 2.x

Discuss Magento 2.x upgrade issues here.
586 Posts Friday

Programming Questions

This is the place to ask any questions about customizing Magento 2.
2072 Posts yesterday

Hosting & Performance

This is your space for questions surrounding hosting and performance for Magento 2.x.
272 Posts 2 weeks ago

Theming, Layout & Design Questions

Frontend developer? This is your space to ask questions about theming Magento 2.
1081 Posts Saturday

Less to Sass Community Project

Want to help take Magento 2 from Less to Sass? Discuss it here.
191 Posts 8 hours ago

Admin & Configuration Questions

This is your space for any questions about Magento 2.x configuration settings.
1384 Posts yesterday

Technical Issues

Experiencing a technical issue in Magento 2? Share your details here.
2273 Posts 3m ago

Just Ask Alan

Have a question for our Chief Architect? Ask here!
Latest Topic - Closing this area
630 Posts a month ago

Magento 2 Feature Requests and Improvements

Do you have ideas for new features, improvements to current features, or other suggestions for Magento 2? Then share your ideas in this forum! We love hearing about ways we can improve your experience working with Magento. Before submitting an idea, be sure to check to see if a similar request has already been posted. You can add your endorsement and comments rather than creating a duplicate submission.
Latest Topic - Tier Price only by Bulk
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