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Sync Now Option

Sync Now Option

We find that our syncs are consistently missing rows or updates to rows and I've attempted to trigger a background sync using the "sync now" button within the data warehouse. It doesn't appear to help in this situation, so what should that function as and how can we do a full background table/database refresh? Is there any limitation on how often we can request that if it needs to run through support?


Re: Sync Now Option

Hi Alexa,

I recommend reaching out to support for recommendations on how to resolve your ongoing discrepancies. There is no specific limitation on the number of times you can request a background sync, but keep in mind that this process is manual, and would need to be requested on a one-off basis.

Most likely the underlying replication issues could be resolved through adjustments to your replication methods  or recheck settings, and support can help guide you in making these adjustments.

Chris Schmid
Sr. Product Analyst