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Different CMS Block on category page (sidebar)

Different CMS Block on category page (sidebar)

I want to place different CMS blocks on different category pages in the sidebar on the right.
How can i make that possible?




Re: Different CMS Block on category page (sidebar)

Hi ekosman,


How many CMS blocks are we talking about ?


I think you will have to make adjustments to the template used for categories.

If you would like to do this within the admin, you would have to set and unset blocks using the design tab, in xml lang.



<reference name="right">
<action method="unsetChild"><name>xxxxx</name></action>


Or you could use the Widgets funtions for placering the static blocks on categories. And the unset them on other categories.




-- Best regards --
Kent Christiansen | Magento Certified Solution Specialist