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Tax not right

Tax not right

I have a problem with my Magento installation. I have set up the website with 21% Tax. When you look in the cart, you see a completely wrong price calculation.


The excluding price is right, but the tax amount and including tax price are not. An example:


Total without Tax: €2.149,00

Shipping: €99,-

Tax: €468,47

Total with Tax: €2.699.29.


As you can see, nothing makes sense:

21% of €2.149,00 = €451,29.

21% of (2.149+99) = €472,08.

The total of the amounts: €2.149 + €99 + €468,47 is not: €2.699,29.


Can anyone please help with this problem? All the taxes are set up in the right way, and I am completely lost here.

Thanks in advance!


Re: Tax not right

Weet je 100% zeker dat de BTW groep bij alle producten alleen 21% is? Er zouden producten kunnen zijn die in de BTW groep instelling nog een andere BTW instelling hebben waardoor het BTW bedrag niet klopt.
Hiermee bedoel ik dus de instelling in het product zelf, en niet in de BTW instelling van Magento zelf, want die staat goed schrijf je.