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Abandoned basket email


Abandoned basket email

We currently have a abandoned basket email active and working fine, which is controlled and managed through Magento - using a CSS template. 

My question is, I want to be able to report on the email itself in google analytics - how am I able to do this? 

To my knowledge the email doesn't automatically pull through in the email metrics. 

If I was to able UTM tracking on that email template how could I do it as it's CSS styling and the links are automatically pulled through?

Any advice would be great!

Thanks Smiley Happy 



Re: Abandoned basket email



Are you using a default Magento feature or some extension? If the latter is the case, ask its developer whether this feature exists in the mod. For example, in our Abandoned Cart Email there are special settings for UTM tagging


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Re: Abandoned basket email

did not mention which module you are using or the code snippet so that we can assist you, please check the extension if it has that feature you looking for, 

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Re: Abandoned basket email

Hope you found the answer for yourself. If you haven't, I suggest you tried out this extension from Mageplaza: Magento 2 Abandoned Cart Email Extension. I used to be in your position and confused don't know what to do until my friend introduce me with this one. Ever since then, there was no worry about this abandoned cart email issue anymore. 

Hope you find it helpful.


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