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Add image to custom option of product


Add image to custom option of product

I sell designer bags and have many products with custom option. It woud be great if I can have images to illustrate for those custom options. Do you know any extension with that function?


Re: Add image to custom option of product


If you need to add images to custom options, I can suggest you trying the Magento 2 Easy Custom Options plugin –

The extension allows to upload images for checkboxes and radio buttons.

In case if the same set of options should be applied to multiple products in bulk , you can create an options template. Option templates can be uploaded to the appropriate products and adjusted for them individually.


Hope this helps!


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Re: Add image to custom option of product

I’d like to suggest Custom Option Image for Magento 2 extension. It allows uploading image for custom option of product. It works with all Magento supported option types: drop-down, multiple select, radio button, checkbox.

Magento 2 custom option image extension


Re: Add image to custom option of product

To fulfill your requirement we have: Custom option customizations


1) In this link we have 5 different extension to manage image/color for custom options.
2) There are 3 new types of custom options with different functionalities.
3) From this you can also explore other functionalities where you can also copy 'image custom options' across multiple products & into categories.


It will provide you multiple functionalities by going beyond your requirements.


Shaping lots of Magento sites with our customizations, we have gained mastery over custom option related customizations. If you have any specific requirement for managing custom options or image with it, let us know in the live chat or email at We will provide you the tailor-fit solution to exactly fulfill your requirements.