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Add multiple options on product and calculate

Add multiple options on product and calculate

We would like to install an extension that enable multiple options to our product. It will be used when adding a print-product to cart for the customer. I can’t find anything, can someone help?

Would like something like attached photo.Screen.jpg


Re: Add multiple options on product and calculate

This looks like the built-in custom option functionality. Have you looked into those?

These are good if you have options where you don't need to track stock. Otherwise, you're more likely to need to create a simple product for each option and then group them together in another product type, e.g. configurable, bundle or grouped.

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Re: Add multiple options on product and calculate

Hello Niklas,


Custom options are a part of default Magento functionality indeed. If you extensively use their functionality, you could take advantage of the extensions that simplify working with custom options.


For example, Custom Options Templates allows reapplying identical custom options across multiple products. You could create templates and mass-assign Magento products to them. Changing a template you apply changes to all the assigned products at once.


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Re: Add multiple options on product and calculate



The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento will help you create custom options, apply options templates, create dependent custom options, associate options to existing products and more.


The extension is also available for Magento 2 –


Our extensions for Magento 2


Re: Add multiple options on product and calculate

Check Magento pricing calculator extension to calculate product price having multiple options. This extension allows you to add multiple types of products(Simple, Grouped, Configurable, Virtual, Bundled & Downloadable products).

FME offers a wide range of Magento pricing extension, if above extension is not fit for your store then have a look at other pricing extensions here -