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Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

Hi All,
Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite VS Mageworx Advanced SEO Suite 
Who's the winner?
What is your fav paid SEO extensions, why?

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Re: Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

Interesting question @Sa3dy 


As I told in one of the threads here, I had experience with both of these modules.


First we purhcased the one von Mirasvit.. What we liked about it that the extension was rather easy to configure and the quality of their support was quite good. However, we didn't manage to do all seo tasks that we needed, and didn't see any significant improvement in our store rankings afterall.. (


Then we took to our partner advice and switched to SEO suite by Mageworx. Thier extenson has more features that we found really useful at that time. I'm talking about setting up rel=canonicals, features for optimzing category pages , pages filtered by layered navigation, more advanced sitemaps uzw. But the abundance of features also brought a challenge - was rather tough for us to set the whole thing up. We cantacted their support (it tured to be very respnsive and helpful), but in the end we gave up and paid them for professional seo config service.

Now everything is up and running and we have experienced some notable rankings growth. Also, I like the fact that they are rolling out cool updates. The latest one about Alternate urls support turned to be rather useful for our store.  

Re: Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

Hi @marknoah3,


Thanks for your valued reply.


I completely agree with you Mageworx extenson has many more features. 


We have taken the final decision to buy it. 


btw i have a one question for you If you don't mind, Please advise us about the best cache extension - the paid of course.


Thank you

Re: Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?


You may check these two full page cache extensions:


Depending on the functionality you need, both are worth investing. 

Re: Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

I did a simple test: I had a pre-sale question and a bit technical request to find out how a specific feature is developed.

Magworx: I contacted them in the live chat and they answered all my questions. Spent time: 15 minutes.

Mirasvit: Unfortunately the live chat was offline. I sent an email with my questions. They answered it as well (not so quickly but any way the questions are answered). Spent time: 6 hours. 


Ongoing service. 

It's clear if you do not know much about seo, you can hurt your site by incorrect configuration. Mageworx is the only company that offers free configuration service for this module. That's a big advantage. 



Extension from mageworx has a bit more features and some of them seem to be more advanced. However, both extnsions have solid features for seo optimization.


IMHO, mageworx extnsion is better. However, it's your choice.

Re: Advanced SEO Suite Paid Extensions - Who's the winner?

Hi Sa3dy, 


This interesting! I think you should add ReloadSEO as well. 

It is a new plugin and by far the best choice out there!

Since our test trials earlier this year with Magento stores we have achieved some impressing results! See the screenshot below from one of our clients, within 2 months of optimizing with the ReloadSEO plugin their organic traffic shot through the roof which in return generated more revenue!

Very happy ReloadSEO client!


Have a look at the features page