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Advice on finding a stock management platform that deals well with multichannels - Volo?

Advice on finding a stock management platform that deals well with multichannels - Volo?

Hi, I'm new here, I hope I am posting on the right board!


I am looking for advice on finding a stock management system that integrates easily with Magento and I am currently considering Volo. I sell across a number of channels including my own Magento store with 3 different regional storefronts, Amazon in 5 European regions and eBay in 3 regions so it is important that I find a system that integrates these smoothly.


Has anyone used Volo before? What are you experiences with the Magento extension? Any downsides I should be aware of?


Re: Advice on finding a stock management platform that deals well with multichannels - Volo?

Hi Lisa,


Volo are a fantastic supplier in this market but on the basis of what you've said there's nowhere near enough info to determine whether they are likely to be the best fit supplier for you.



There are well over 100 different solutions that we're aware of that are helping customers with your high level goal. All of these solutions are a great fit for organisations where the internal processes of the customer and the support expectations are a fit with those assumed to be the case by the supplier.


At the moment it's really difficult for a prospective customer to dig into all of these solutions to a level that will uncover which are likely to be the best fit with your business. Unfortunately there's just not a great deal of objective information available to help. Even the trade press - Tamebay, Webretailer etc don't have a really detailed understanding of why there are so many alternatives or the differences that dictate which group are best in particular scenarios. The result is that we speak to new businesses on more or less a daily basis who are shopping in this market for the 2nd, 3rd (or more!) time which is a massive waste of both customer and supplier time. Our response to this is to have made a commitment to help people find the most appropriate solution even if that's not our solution.


We've done a lot of market research recently and will be releasing some objective info out in the near future that helps people to narrow down solutions that may fit best with their situation but I'm afraid that it's not ready to go quite yet.


The single most important question that I believe you should ask of your business processes, before looking at specific tools/services, is as to whether you want Magento to be central database - controlling all other channels or whether you want another solution to be the data hub with Magento becoming a channel alongside any others.


Happy to have a chat if you feel that may be valuable. Happy to provide more advice on here as well.