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Alert customers about new products

Alert customers about new products

Hi everybody,

Recently, I have got a big trouble that there are more and more products updated into my online store; however, the customers do not know about this.

So that I am wondering that is there anyone could suggest me some methods to alert customers about new products?

Looking for your help and Thank you very much!


Re: Alert customers about new products

Hi @Daisy082

Fortunately, I've come across Magento 2 Product Notification from LandOfCoder.


Beside alert your customer about new products, this extension also allows you to:

- Subscribe notification for
  • Out of Stock Product
  • Sale Off Product
  • Change Price Product
  • New Product

- Notify customer by:

  • Product (Stock Status, Price Change)
  • Category

- Notify By Email Automatically or Manually

- Customizable Email Template

- Subscribe specific products or group of products

- Manage the list of subscribers easily

- Display stock alert in a popup or on a page

- Display notification any page

- Choose to subscribe or unsubscribe with ease

- Report Out of Stock Product Subscription


You can have the extension install on your website without any money paid once you buy it. Contact the support team for more detailed information:


LandOfCoder Support Live Chat:




Hope this helps you somehow!