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All-in-one shipping extension

All-in-one shipping extension

Hello guys,

Now I need a simple shipping solution that can do the following:
1. calculate shipping based on products' weight

2. easily manage shipping rates and methods
3. detect customer location



Re: All-in-one shipping extension

Hello Morgan,


you may try this Magento shipping extension.


With the extension you can calculate shipping rates based on product's weight, rewrite and re-calculate the shipping rates set by shipping providers and set flexible Magento shipping rules and restrictions..

The module supports MaxMind technology that automatically detects customer's location, so you can use this data for calaulting your shipping rates.


Re: All-in-one shipping extension

Hi, you can try this Shipping Cost Calculator Extension.

This extension helps customers calculate shipping rates for any product they are looking for or they can calculate shipping prices for all items in the cart. Shipping Cost Calculator Extension can be applied on the category page and the details page


Re: All-in-one shipping extension

Hi @MorganDerek,


You can read more about Magento shipping extensions to find out the most one meeting your requirements. 

I can suggest you Shipping Rate per Product that can help you to set up shipping rate for each product based on quantity and so on. 

Re: All-in-one shipping extension


You can try our Shipping Table Rates extension. It does everything you need:

1. calculates shipping based on products' weight as well as combinations of address, weight, price, etc.

2. easily manages shipping rates and methods. You can also import rates and edit them manually.
3. detects customer location due to an inbuilt Auto Shipping mod which identifies customer's address with GeoIP and shows shipping cost based on the rules you've defined.


Magento shipping table rates by Amasty

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Re: All-in-one shipping extension

Hello Morgan,

You can try this Flexi Shipping Fees For Magento 2 extension.
This extension will fulfill your requirements of shipping. Set shipping fees on product parameters like weight, price, quantity, category, attribute set, specific countries, zip code, date range and customer group.