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Alternative POS than VEND

Alternative POS than VEND

POS for magento

Hi All,


I am looking for a Magento POS that is suitable for my small business. I have 4 retail outlets based in shopping centres, a warehouse, a retail online store and a wholesale online store.


  1. I'm looking for a POS system that can support multiple outlets
  2. Transfers stock from warehouse to outlets
  3. Produces stock orders
  4. Syncs with Online store.
  5. Stock orders for warehouse can be entered and adds to what stock is already in the system.

I currently have the following at 4 stores already and wish to reuse them after I change:

Printer - Epson TM-T88V 

iPad - 4th Gen IOS 8+


I look forward to hearing your feedback.


Kind regards,