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Amazon Fulfillment Solution


Amazon Fulfillment Solution



Looking for an extension to integrate Amazon fulfillment. What I actually need is the tool that will be able to synchronise my Magento and Amazon accounts, let me monitor my product stock levels and will be compatible with m2e pro. 



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seems like our Amazon Fulfillment extension  can actually do what you need.


The extension will let you create advanced fulfillment rules to automatically send orders that match the defined criteria.

While creating the rule, you can specify a Source Shpping Method - you can choose any availablle method from the list or add a custom one. The extension supports shipping methods of third-party extensions - including M2E Pro.



Also, the module is capable of synchronizing your Magento store with any targeted Amazon marketplace. You can link any chosen product to one or more Amazon marketplaces and then easily check its stock levels. 


You may check the DEMO VERSION of the extension >> here <<





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Re: Amazon Fulfillment Solution

Hi @LanaB


I think this can help you:

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Re: Amazon Fulfillment Solution

Thanks for your replies! 

Re: Amazon Fulfillment Solution

With experts on Amazon and Magento, WebBee can truly satisfy your requirements. The seamless integration will infuse your two accounts and give you single view of your data. Their services are proactive and effective to the core. You can get synchronized data for products, sales, billing, customers, shipping and over all business financials.For more information, visit our site:- or call our number 1-408-641-7004 any time.