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Athlete Profiles CMS Block/Extentions


Athlete Profiles CMS Block/Extentions

Hi guys,
I need your help. Does anyone know of an extension for Magento that would let me build custom profiles of sponsored athletes? I like the way does it. When you click on the athletes, you get a full page about that athlete. It was done on Wordpress but I want to do a similar page in Magento. Why extension? Because it would be easier for the store admin to update it.  Or if something could be repurposed to do something very similar like maybe a brand logo slider but when you click on the brand slider (athlete picture instead of brand manufacture) it would give a bio?  But I would want set fields.  Like a form so the admin could manage is better.


Re: Athlete Profiles CMS Block/Extentions

HI @Tucker2014

I don't think you can find exactly what you are looking for, but if you are willing to do some dive a little into the code you can properly repurpose aheadworks blog module to work for you. It have the basic controller structure for showing posts (or athletes in your purpose) in a list, and on a page afterwards.


Hope this helps :-)