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Automated orders to suppliers

Automated orders to suppliers



I am looking for an extension that would allow us to automate orders to our suppliers.


The idea is that the extension would check the stock, on say a weekly basis, and send an e-mail to the relevant supplier with the stock quantities of relevant products. This way they could see the demand week by week and adjust production accordingly.

Another way would be to automate a stock quantity update for only the relevant products that are low in stock so they can deliver.


We have a couple of thousand SKUs, and of these around 500 could be automated towards 20 or so suppliers. Many of our suppliers are quite old fashioned, and the system needs to be as simple as possible for them, in essence an e-mail.

Something like a table or something with only the relevant information in it. Essentially all they need to see is the product name, sku, current stock situation and perhaps a comment field or similar for special orders.


Any pointers or tips on where to find such an extension would be greatly appreciated.

Magento version 1.9.1 CE