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B2B extension Magento 2 CE

B2B extension Magento 2 CE



I have a Magento shop only for dealers. However, the website with products must be visible for all web users. Dealers need to register and put in the right customer group for discount. I'm looking for an extension that does have the following options:


Must have
- Discount per customergroup (per category per customergroup is even better).

- Disable "add to cart" and "shoppingcart" functions for non logged in customers.

- Disable prices for visitors without login/not in the correct user group.


Would like to see:

- Enable/disable pages/blocks for users within the correct group

- Automatically go to next discount level at xxxx euro turnover.

- Specific products/categories only visible for dealers


Doesn't need to be a free extension (of course). Price does matter, but is not the most important thing.


Re: B2B extension Magento 2 CE

Hi @mntgroningen!


I suggest you checking out this Magento 2 Hide Price allowing to:

  • Hide Price for Certain Customer Groups
  • Disable the “Add to Cart” button
  • Leave custom messages instead of prices

To make specific categories and products visible for dealers only, you can try the Category Permissions extension for Magento 2 –


Best Regards!


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