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Best Full Page Cache extension


Best Full Page Cache extension



I am searching for some Full Page Cache extension for my Magento There are a lot of them on the magento connect, but how can I choose one? Can you recommend some module that really works and make my website faster? Product page on my website loads for 10 seconds which is not acceptable at all. I am new with Magento, and I want some module that can be easily installed and configured.


Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

Hello, Damien.


Our Full Page Cache extension is exactly what you are looking for. According to tests it is 75% faster than LestiFPC and 20% faster than Mirasvit FPC.

We provide free installation and FREE LIFETIME support so that you don't have to worry about any compatibility issues with 3rd-party modules.


Moreover, we offer Turkey Magento Performace Optimization Service, which includes installation and configuration of "Full Page Cache" and ?JSS/CSS/Images Compressor" extensions, its configuration. This service also includes configuration of webserver and fixes of minor compatibility issues with 3rd-part modules and themes.

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Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

Hi @DamienBartos

You can try our Full Page Cache  extension to make your site load faster and never let your customers wait so long for loading. 

Full Page Cache reduces database load on your server and so  your Magento site will perform better to improve customers’ experience. 

Key features: 

  • New multi-level cache to serve pages even faster
  • Support MULTIPLE currencies/stores/languages
  • Support mobile themes
  • Easily access to cache custom pages
  • Simple installation – Unzip, empty cache, and enable via the Magento admin panel
  • Apply on any server 

You can check the differences before and after installing our extension by a tool: GTmetrix



The loading time of page decreases when installing Full Page Cache 

You can see more information at:


Hope that you find it suitable for your site!

Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

Hi @DamienBartos

You can check out this Full Page Cache extension. With it:


Magento loads pages much-much faster
Huge decrease of your server load
Better search engine indexing and higher rankings
Dynamic blocks / "hole punch" support
Includes cache crawler!
However, you should also test your site with, say. Google Insights, and find opportunities for improvement. For example, you may minimize CSS, JS as well as compress images.
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Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

Hello Damien, 


Full Page Cache for Magento by Aitoc has some great features rarely found in similar tools: 

  • flexible settings
  • cache warmup (serve cached pages even to first-time visitors)
  • cache debug tool (compare page load time with / without cache)
  • a Free Server Load Monitor tool (you can get it here) that allows you to block search engine bots and redistribute server resources at critical load times. 
  • and more. 


We'll be happy to answer any questions you may have!


Aitoc is a group of distinguished web developers that have been building for Magento since 2009.
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Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

I would definately not buy Extendware full page cache because of the company principals. We purchased the extension a year ago and it turns out a great amount of money was paid for something that only worked a year. The pricing was extremely misleading and now Extendware are not willing to respond to the questions raised on misleading pricing. 


It seems the company is driven to make profits rather than put customers interests first. Our frustrating experience is shared by the reviews on Magento connect for their extension. 



Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

You can try Fooman Speedster. As far as I know it caches and compresses the scripts and files and speed up loading process. You can check this article where I found the info. Also they have a very good extension for personalizing products. You can check that also. 

Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

@Fadiyah Sameh thanks for mentioning our extension. Just to note Fooman_Speedster is not a full page cache extension - it's rather complimentary as it handles only JS and CSS. Also suggest using SpeedsterAdvanced first (as most people should be able to use that and it's also free).

Re: Best Full Page Cache extension

This is so true. I also bought an extension from Extendware, and they hide in the fine print that you can use it only for one year... What a bad joke. I don't think there is any other company who does it. Anyhow, I bought a much better extension from Mirasvit, and I will never do business with Extendware ever again.