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Bundled product using category products for M2

Bundled product using category products for M2

We are looking at using Magento for a project we are doing, sorry if this question seems obvious, but I think we'll need an extension or custom programming to do it.


The feature we are trying duplicate is found here (adding components to a base product)


We are assuming the best way to do this is using bundled products feature. We have a lot of products, and we want to base each bundled item on a category. If we have a category called truck1 then we create a new option and link it to "truck1" and all items in that category can now be shown (via a swatch) and added to the bundle. We would prefer to have a special type of category we can add products too that is not visible on the storefront.


Is there an extension that can do this?


Or can Magento do this out of the box?


Thanks for reading, I appreciate all replies, advance thank you.



Re: Bundled product using category products for M2



Here is an example of a bundle product in Magento 2 the way it looks out of the box (in our demo store Cat Wink)

Basically, you assign different simple products to a bundle, and these simples are displayed as options on the page. 


There is an extension for Magento 1 that allows you to use configurable products inside a bundled product. As per this demo:

But we don't know if the developer has plans to create an M2 version.



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Re: Bundled product using category products for M2

Hi @hopkin,


You can try to associate custom options with existing products in your store. This Magento 2 Dynamic Product Options extension will be of help. The plugin also allows to hide associated options on Frontend.

You can also read more about how to create a bundle offer in Magento 2 –




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Re: Bundled product using category products for M2

Thanks for the reply, hopefully it helps the next person. We moved on to
Shopify and have not looked back. M2 looks like an awesome platform but I
want to spend my time building my business not building my website :-)