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Hi All,


I'd like to use product attributes in a mail contact form of a product page.

So it will by dynamic.




Use title of the product as subject of the email.

Use a custom product attribute, like seller e-mail address,  as recipient of the e-mail.







Re: CONTACT FORM Extension

If you look at the contact form email in app/locale/en_US/template/email/contact_form.html then you'll see the variables that are defined for that template and what the subject should be:


<!--@subject Contact Form@-->
{"var":"Sender Name",
"var":"Sender Email",
"var data.telephone":"Sender Telephone",
"var data.comment":"Comment"}

If you add variables, you'll have to state them there as well and add them to the vars array of Mage_Core_Model_Email_Template::sendTransactional()

Re: CONTACT FORM Extension

Basically it seems that you want that customers can send inquiry for respected products thriugh contact form... Possible but for that you need to do littel bit code in order to get products info; Instead of that I suggest to use product inquiry/ ask question kind of extensions, few links in below:


Hope it helps you Smiley Happy


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Re: CONTACT FORM Extension

Thanks for all the replies everyone; it puts me in the right direction.

I guess I'll have to do some coding and tweaking, because there is no 'out-of-the-box' extension for this example so far.


"Use a custom product attribute, like seller e-mail address,  as recipient of the e-mail"  


That e-mail should be hidden for the person who fills out the form.

Any other ideas or extensions how to solve this?



Re: CONTACT FORM Extension



The following extension for Magento 2 will allow to use product attributes in a contact form as well as customize email templates -


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Our Extensions for Magento 2

Re: CONTACT FORM Extension

You can refer the Free Contact Form Extension with useful features :