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Category review plugin

Category review plugin

Hello everyone


I have been doing some research online to try and find a plugin to meet my requirements, but sadly I've not had any success and decided to finally post here and see if anyone can help with a recommendation.


Describing the requirements for this plugin are a little difficult and confusing, and so I've also made a crude illustration to help better explain my self and included a link at the below URL:


Illustration of my requirements


What I need is for a plugin to allow customers to review product categories, rather than products listed in them specialically.


For example, a category on our store will be in fact be a single product, and any products inside this category will be a single variation for that product, such as 1 litre, 2 litres, 5 litres, 10 litres, 25 litres etc. All variations will be for the exact same product, the only thing different is the price and volume.


For the purposes of showing reviews about this product, having an individual review section for each product variation (1 litre, 2 litres etc) is not effective as reviews will be scattered over each individual page, rather than a single place to cover all variations inside this product (category)

Ideally the plugin would remove the review section from each product page, and instead add a section at the top, next to the category name and description to post and read reviews and also show a rating from 1-5 stars.


If something like this is not possible, does anyone know of a plugin that could instead copy/combine all the reviews from one product, to all others in that same category.


Any feedback, advice and recommendations are welcome!

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Re: Category review plugin

That's relatively irregular setup and not sure whether such thing is implemented as separate extension. Though similar requirements had been covered with the Detailed Review extension (that was per stores customizations, no such functionality out of the box).

You could contact support at to check details. Obviously if the question is still actual for you. Also image in the post ("Illustration of my requirements") is broken at the moment.