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Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

Goodmorning everyone,

I am wondering if there were any blog extensions that support to change blog design, color, fontsize easily in magento 2. Could anyone here recommend some extensions like that for me?

Looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Thank you!


Re: Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

I can suggest you the Blog extension for Magento 2 stores by Aheadworks. Wide configuration opportunities allow you to alternate blog layouts and the provided post editor enables writers to take advantage of different font sizes and styles. So, it may suit you good.


Blog -

Re: Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

Hi @Daisy082


This module is a good match for your request - Blog Pro for Magento 2

It adds a flexible blog to Magento with an ability to change layout, add widgets, etc.


What is more, the blog is added under Magento, no WordPress integration is needed. So you will have a shop and blog 'under one roof' which is good for SEO and is easier to maintain.


Hope that helps!

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Re: Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

Hi Daisy,

For your request, I suggested that Magento 2 Blog Extension by Landofcoder. This extension is quite suitable with your desire. With Magento 2 Blog Extension, you can change blog design, color, fontsize easily.

Equal importance, when purchase this extension or other extension on Landofcoder, you will Get Free Magento Installation Service. So you can save tons of time and cost.


Best Regards,


Re: Change blog design, color, fontsize easily

I have tried many extensions and come to know this Magento Blog extension would be best one. It has quite distinctive features like supporting multiple tags, fully customizable interface, blog under a particular category, rich configurable options..and what attracted me most is increasing store traffic.

For M2: