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Chat support services!

Re: Chat support services!

Hi @Allicewatson,

Just curious to know, what type of service you are looking for? 
As there are options where you can integrate online chat service on your store and you can reply to the customers through your mobile phone.

As far as Facebook messages are considered, you can turn on the Messenger of your page, and you can reply to the messages through your Messenger.

If you can explain, then we will be able to help you more here.




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Re: Chat support services!


If you are looking for a functional live chat extension, I'd like to suggest Magento 2 Live Chat Extension by Landofcoder as the best choice. This extension enables you to chat directly with your customers and clarify their questions about the products and service. With a lot of fantastic features, this module will satisfy you and your clients.

  • Directly Online Chatting
  • Active Chatting With Customers
  • Instant Chat Box
  • Reminding Chat Notification
  • Auto Record Customer Information
  • Clean & Clear Interface
  • Easy to Join & End the chat when satisfaction
  • Convenient Login & Signup

Visit the site to get more details of the extension.

Hope that it is helpful to you.

Re: Chat support services!

Hi Alice,


Instead of outsourcing you can add a Facebook Chatbot to your website and that Chatbot will be replying to your customers on your Facebook Page. You can check out our extension here.

We’ve used Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to deliver instant answers to users in response to their messages and requests.


Feel free to reach out to us if you have any queries.


MageCube Team



Re: Chat support services!

Hi @Allicewatson

Consider this extension. It is free and very useful

Zendesk Chat Integration from

You're welcome

Re: Chat support services!



Instead of outsourcing the services, I would suggest you to integrate live chat option in your store. This is a budget-friendly option and can even help you create a better customer relationship. There are extensions. Social messenger module is one such option that can incorporate the social chat box at your site. So, the customers can directly contact you via their social media account. 

Re: Chat support services!

You can use the Zendesk Chat extension that pulls out customers' data (phone number, email address, and name) if they are logged in for your convenience so that you can refer to that information whenever you need it.

Also, it reduces the influence of the third-party code on your website performance.

Zendesk chat itself has history and analytics so it is easier for you to gather and analyze that data for your needs.


Re: Chat support services!

Hi there,

I believe this Magento 2 Help Desk extension will be the most essential extension you can install.


It helps you to collect all requests, inquiries, offline chat messages, emails in one place.


All messages will be assigned to the proper department without leaking information. Furthermore, utilize the ticket system is very important to bring a powerful and flexible solution for Store Support in Magento.


Full features includes:

  • Auto Convert Email To Ticket
  • Compatible With SendGrid
  • Live Chat With Many Customer At Once
  • Offer Multiple Ways For Customer To Get Support 
  • Create Unlimited Departments, Agents, and Categories
  • Able to Create & Reply to Ticket directly to Email
  • File Attachment to the ticket
  • Set Priority, Status, and Category section for each ticket
  • Quick Reply or Close a ticket
  • Easy to Check ticket history
  • Check Ticket Status In Second
  • Satisfaction Star Rating For Effectiveness
  • Quick Responses With Answer Shortcut
  • Ticket auto-expiration & Auto-reminder 
  • Support GraphQL

Re: Chat support services!


I think you should consider 3 essential extensions into your flower site to address above matters as belows:

  1. FAQ extension/ paid: help you to list frequent asked questions so that your customers can see themselves the answer.
  2. Live chat extension/ free: help you to reply directly and quickly to customers
  3. Help desk extension/ paid: from the part of functions like live chat, it also helps you to email all at once and convert queries to tickets, etc.

I bet that these tools help you a lot in your business and save your time also.

Best regards,