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Compatible Product

Compatible Product


is there any module working like Cross Sell, UpSell or Related products for Compatible Products?



Re: Compatible Product



Not sure I got the idea of the module you are looking for.
Could you please elaborate on what do you mean by "Compatible Products"?

Are these some hardware product that are compatible with each other or something else?



Re: Compatible Product

I'm looking for, what I think OP is looking for also.


Lets say I have a webshop with computer hardware, it would be nice for instance to have some kind of combatibility test for the products.

Maybe the customer choses a socket 1150 CPU and a socket AM3+ motherboard, this will not fit together.

Maybe the customer choses an iPhone 6 and a cover for an iPhone 6 plus, this will not fit either.


I have not any idea on how the extension should work, but it would be nice if there was something like that.


Best Regards