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Complex pricing extension needed

Complex pricing extension needed

I'm not great at describing what I'm looking for, which ended me up here. Looking to attach customers to customer groups to pricing that is customized by manufacturer. 


Price structure.jpg


Re: Complex pricing extension needed

Checkout the following high quality Magento 2 extensions which deal with pricing. I hope one of the will work for you. 

Magento 2 Dynamic Pricing: This extension calculates the prices of variable sized products such as tiles, blinds, flooring,wires etc. Admins can set the price per unit and the extension will calculate the final price based on the measurement entered by customer. 

Magento 2 CSV Pricing: This extension allows you to calculate prices from a CSV/excel file. 


Magento Percentage Pricing: This extension allows you to setup the cost+ markup based pricing in your Magento 2 store. Admins will just define the amount of the markup and the prices will be automatically updated for all the selected products.