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Configurable Computer (with parts)

Configurable Computer (with parts)

Hi there, 


I'm looking for a plugin to allow clients to configure their custom PC, e.g. choose their parts. 


Examples: (magento based as far as i can tell)


Does this already exist? If so, where can I buy the plug-in? It seems like some devs already created this stuff and it would be silly if I had to pay some one do the same work all over again...




Re: Configurable Computer (with parts)



Perhaps, you can consider Bundle products. This product type lets buyers customize the purchase and choose parts/goods from the offered.


Here is the example -

Store Manager for Magento 1.x and 2.x - inventory management tool to automatically update products, customers, orders, and other data across multiple sales channels and suppliers.

Re: Configurable Computer (with parts)

I was aware of this function, but it's far too limited.


Anyone else?

Re: Configurable Computer (with parts)

You may also check our Advanced Product Options Magento solution. Here is the link:


With the extension you will be able to allow clients to configure their custom PC in various ways.


The extension is capable of:

  • creating a wide range of advanced custom option templates to streamline the process of product management
  • managing dependent/ independent custom options to cover a wide range of product characteristics on a one product page
  • adding visual elements to showcase merchandise, get maximum appeal and improve conversions
  • and dozens more.

You may check the demo version of the tool here.

Also, your feedback on the extension is greatly appreciated.

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Re: Configurable Computer (with parts)

Hi @Xenoware!


You can try this Magento Dynamic Product Options that will allow to create custom options, make them dependent, set custom prices per option and more.


If your store is based on Magento 2, this Easy Product Options will also be of help –


Our extensions for Magento 2