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Configurable Products Display

Configurable Products Display

Hi, I am an admin of an online clothes store. I want to enhance my store display, because the default of Magento do not support grid view of Configurable products, so do you guys have any suggestions for me about magento extension to solve that problem??


Re: Configurable Products Display

Hi Stefan,

You can try the Magento Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View extension to solve your problem

It support functions:

    • Show all children products in a table grid view
    • Support Add Multiple Products to Cart function
    • Built-in Color swatch function
    • Display Tier price and Stock status in table view
    • Support Simple Product Pricing

So the Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View would be the most ideal choice for you to display all associated products in a neat and professional table with ability to add as many products to cart at once.

Re: Configurable Products Display

@BSS Commerce thanks for your suggest! so what about installation and support? Are they free?

Re: Configurable Products Display

Hi @Stefan68

We offer Free Installation Service for all paid extensions on a website only. 

Our supporters will assist you in replying you with any issues and questions within 24 hours