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Configurable product on list.phtml page

Configurable product on list.phtml page

I want to show configurable products on the list page.So instead of going into detail page of products, the user can directly add the product to cart from list.phtml page.Any idea how to imply this?


Please, anyone help it's important.


Re: Configurable product on list.phtml page

You will have to implemet options logic for category page.  Be carefully because if you will pull up options for each configurable product it may slow down page. When you generate options you need to pull up information from each assosciated simple product.  However you can try to see if it possible with magento Cobfigurable Swatches whcih in 1.9.1.x versions

Re: Configurable product on list.phtml page

Hello @avanish12345,

Our Pro Configurable Product Grid Table View enables you to choose all the needed associated items of simple products in a grid table. Then, with only 1 click, all the selected products will be added to cart.

The extension also supports:

- Tier Price

- Color Swatch

- Availability

- Quantity

- Price

- Etc.

All of these are in a simple grid table.