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Contractor Estimating Software Connector?

Contractor Estimating Software Connector?

I work for a wholesale distributor of electrical products. We sell 100's of 1000's of products and each customer account that syncs from our ERP to our Magento site has different pricing matrices - Contractors tend to use software like the following:


  • McCormick Estimating Software
  • ConEst IntelliBid
  • Electrical Bid Manager
  • Accubid for Electrical Contractors

Are there any extensions that will allow a customer to connect their bidding software to our website for price syncing?


Re: Contractor Estimating Software Connector?

I'm not sure such a software exists. Probably all the companies with similar working scheme are creating applications specifically for their purposes. You may try to contact one of such companies, maybe they will be ready to sell their software to you. Creating application specifically for your websites would be even better. I have one more recommendation for you: is a great website about finances and assets. Pieces of advice from this page helped me a lot in my own financial literacy. It's crucial for business owners to be aware.