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Custom CSV products import.

Custom CSV products import.

Hello, I'm going to use magento for one my customers, but I have one trouble.

There are some module for massive data import? it is a drop shipping shop, at the moment the system (virtuemart) is upgraded every 6h , the drop shipping services have created one script for upgrade around 4000 articles, but is too slow... it will stay too much hours for complete the cicle and it is impossible to work.


I'm searching one module where I can set up and customize the import, and fast.





Re: Custom CSV products import.

CSV import function on Magento is very terrible, I've tried already, very slow and many bug.


You should use this tool to do

Re: Custom CSV products import.



what do you have to import? we are a software development company, we have developed a tool for user migration from one to another shop. right now wer are developing an article import tool for magento. We could costumize it for you. 


just write me an e-mail: