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Custom Options Fixed Base Prices?

Custom Options Fixed Base Prices?

Hi, I am building a print ordering platform and i need to set my products up so that the first drop down custom option available to clients is "quantity" (25, 50,100 etc etc). Each individual quantity will then be assigned a fixed price specific to that quantity. Once the quantity is selected any subsequent product options (there could be up to 6 or 7 unique options for each product type) will then be calculated at a percentage rate based on the original fixed rate option and applied to the price. Currently i can only set 1 price per product as the "base price" from which subsequent custom options rates are then calculated. Basically i need to have multiple "base prices" that are selectable by clients and act as masters to all subsequent product options which are slaves to them??

Any help or suggestions would be gratefully received.
Many Thanks


Re: Custom Options Fixed Base Prices?

Hello Andy,


Check the Price Formula extension for Magento. It allows creating mathematical formula for the product price with sub-conditions. For instance, let's say the first dropdown has sku "myqty", other options have skus "option1", "option2", .. etc. you can create a formula like this:


IF ({myqty} == 25) Price = ( {option1.price} + {option2.price} + {option3.price} + {option4.price} ) * 0.9
ELSE IF ({myqty} == 50) Price = ( {option1.price} + {option2.price} + {option3.price} + {option4.price} ) * 0.8
ELSE IF ({myqty} == 100) Price = ( {option1.price} + {option2.price} + {option3.price} + {option4.price} ) * 0.7

And all this via backend. No coding needed.


Hope it will be of help



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