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Custom Options Inventory Extension


Custom Options Inventory Extension

Hi, I'm trying to find an effective solution for managing custom options inventory. I have an online T-shirt store and mainly sell custom products. It often happens that my customers order products of sizes and colors that are not currently available.

Is there any way to notify them that products with custom options (e g color, size, etc) and low in stock, or not available?

Please advise Smiley Wink 


Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension

Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension

Hello @willson_barbara

One of the solutions for you here is to use Out of Stock notification module that will notify your clients once a product or its option gets in stock -


And here is one more similar solution - pre order


Hope that helps!

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Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension

Hi @willson_barbara, let's take a look at this Advanced Inventory ExtensionAdvanced Inventory can significantly facilitate your administrative experience and manage stock system. Hope this helps!

Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension


You can also try our Custom Stock Status extension, which creates informative and neat stock statuses for your customers.

Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension

Guys, what I actually was looking for is the solution to run invenotry of Magento custom options. I already have the extensions for product inventory.. but it doesn't do the job...

Thanks for your advice anyway Smiley Happy 

Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension

Following module will help in setting up alerts so that whenever any product (with regards to custom options) is not available, an email will be sent to customers,

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Re: Custom Options Inventory Extension



The Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento will allow you to associate options to other products with the full inventory support. In addition, you can enable quantity on the option level and tier prices on the option level. If customer has chosen such an option the associated product's inventory will be deducted after checkout.


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