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Custom Product Type dependancies

Custom Product Type dependancies

I'm looking for a module, preferably with as little coding as possible, that allows me to set dependancies between custom options.


An exampl: I have 3 dropdowns on a product


A) Quantity that the customer wishes to order

B) Product quality (relats to paper)

C) Post-printing options (stapling, holes, laminating etc.)


Certain options i B and C are excluded or included depending on the choices in A. If I order 2000 prints, certain paper types are excluded, whereas certain post-printing options aren't available for smaller quantities in A.


Any good suggestions?




Re: Custom Product Type dependancies

Re: Custom Product Type dependancies

Have a look at this advance custom option module that allows users to select the product based on different sizes and attach custom options with the final product under one page -

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Re: Custom Product Type dependancies



You can try this Dynamic Product Options extension for Magento that allows to make fields dependent by setting a special condition as described above. You can also associate options to other products, upload images for checkboxes/radio buttons, set tier prices for options.


Regards, Alex