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Customer API

Customer API



I'm looking for an extension which I can use to give my customers access to the shop via an API. 

This API should enable them to access item content, and they should be able to place an order. 

Is there something like an extension that provides this functionality?


Kind regards, Tys


Re: Customer API

Hey there,

This seems like a very confusing question. 

Why would they need an API, if they could just order stuff from other online shops? Do you want them to be able to access your inventory data or something else? 

Are you looking for a marketplace functionality, like from this Marketplace extension

Or are you looking for something, like Shipwire Fulfillment

Re: Customer API

Why would this be confusing? I just need an API, so that my customers can retrieve item data, inventory and pricing. And they should be able to place orders, via that interface. So, all programmatically / without the need for clicking humans.