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Customer Request for Monthly Statement

Customer Request for Monthly Statement

I need to produce a report that shows customer sales and payments for returning customers.

Basically a statement of transactions that the customer can print off themselves or we can send our each month via email.


I would have thought an innovative platform would integrate an accounting package into the online facility.


It seem silly for an online store to duplicate all of the product skews, customers, payments and orders into both an accounting software and then also online store.


There must be an answer out there?




Re: Customer Request for Monthly Statement

I am not aware of an extension that will give monthly statements, the biggest thing is that Magento does not have a Accounts Receivable function so you need this before you can give a statement. (Unless you just want a report for what they purchased in the past month)


Aheadworks has advance reports


Something like this from BoostMyShop

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Re: Customer Request for Monthly Statement

Check Analytics & Reports service by Freento

It has ability to do lots of reports including sales reports and returning customers report.

You have an ability to group reports by month (by day of the week, by quarter, by year, etc)

Service has lots of ready to use reports, data analysis acquires in real time. 

Service is free for now.